“Which Stepn Shoe Should I Buy First?” A Practical Stepn Quick Start Guide

Written by Joe Cadmus

This is a question I see a lot on the message boards and forums: “Which shoe is the best to buy first in Stepn?”

As usual, the answer is “it depends.”

Your First Stepn Shoe Should Depend on Several Factors:

  1. How much are you planning on investing in the game? Shoes are super cheap relatively right now–I think I paid $1100 for my first shoe (ouch!). Now you can get a solid starter shoe for less than $30.

    If you’re only going to invest $30, it’s a much different question than if you have a $5k budget to get started.
  2. How much do you want to walk? If you want to have a lot of energy, then you’re going to want to buy multiple shoes, instead of concentrating on an amazing main earner.
  3. What strategy do you want to employ? Do you want to earn GST or GMT? Do you care about Mystery Boxes? We have our own recommendations below, but that doesn’t mean that you have to follow them.

My Disastrous First Shoe (and What You Can Learn From It)…

As I mentioned, when I got my first shoe, it cost $1100.

It was something awful at the time, like LRRR, but it was level 9 and shoes were at a premium (this is April 2022 for reference).

We really had no idea what we were doing, so we didn’t really care about gem sockets or base stats or anything more “advanced” like that.

It was all about finding a “relatively” cheap GST earner that had points allocated to Efficiency, everything else be darned.

This was incredibly stupid for a number of reasons.

  1. We bought at the absolute top of the market. We felt lucky to get an invite, lucky to get a shoe.

    By contrast you should look for deals now that the market is down. Try to find assets that will rise in price in case the game becomes more popular down the road.
  2. We ignored base stats. The 3rd shoe I bought I “lovingly” referred to as my “mule.” It was a level 23 common “cleat shoe” that I bought that had a base Efficiency of 1.9.

    Sure it had a bunch of points allocated to E to get close to 100. But we were going for 4 Energy per day, and making a pittance of GST that was worth like $4 per at the time. Life was good!
  3. We didn’t realize that the market can shift. GST took a huge dive. C shoes and gems were super cheap at the time. We could’ve loaded up on both, but it was kind of a gamble–we didn’t know how GMT earning would work, etc.

    Now that GST is super low, you have to realize that the market might shift again. GST could get back to $1. GMT could go to $5. Or both could go lower.

Figure out where you think the game is going, and use that to get a head start on everyone else.

What I Would Buy as My First Shoe Now…

Knowing what I do now, here’s what I’d look for, depending on my budget:

Low-Budget Starter Option (Under $100)

Find a solid common GST-earner in the class you’re looking at (Walker, Jogger, Runner).

The only base stat that really matters for this is Efficiency. I’d look for something that’s at least over 7… but as close to 10 as possible is best.

Sockets: I’d look for either:

EELC (preferred)



The idea here is you want to be able to put at least 2 level 3 Efficiency gems into this shoe, to get it into the hundreds of Efficiency.

Depending on your socket build, ideally you would have a base of at least 7 in the relevant sockets as well.

So for example, if you have an EELC, then you’d want base stats of:

7-10 for Efficiency

7-10 for Luck

7-10 for Comfort

Granted, the Luck and Comfort aren’t deal-breakers. It’d be very rare to find these all in one shoe for a reasonable price.

The most important thing is the Efficiency base.

I’d then backfill with a couple of “batteries”–shoes that are bought purely to boost your energy.

These can be floor price commons, which are around $30 each at the moment (this obviously may have changed).

That will get you to 4 energy, and earning “decent” GST for that 4 energy.

Mid-Range Option ($300 to Spend)

I would still have the above advice, but I would change the following:

Your first shoe should be an Uncommon. This will get you an extra energy. It also will improve your base stats quite a lot.

I would also spring for level 3 gems. Right now these are about 250 GMT each, which is roughly $75.

Uncommon is ~$75, 2 “battery commons” are $60, you could still fit in 2 E gems for about $150 or so.

The other way to go is get 9 common shoes.

The advice from above on your main earner still applies.

But then you’re buying 8 “battery shoes” to get to 9 energy overall.

This will take about $270-$300 total.

It can get you as high as 100 GST per day also.

That may not seem like a lot now… but over time it adds up.

This will have you earning more GST both on a per minute basis, as well as getting the extra energy to earn for another 5 minutes walking, jogging, or running.

All of the other advice from above stays the same.

Higher-Price Option ($1,000 to Spend)

Here’s where things start to get interesting.

Starting from here I’d look for a Uncommon Trainer with similar sockets to the budget option.

The reason being that you get a boost to earnings from a trainer no matter what speed you walk or run at.

You basically earn like it’s a runner, but don’t have to run.

That is very appealing to me!

Right now you’re looking at ~$200 for this shoe.

You should also outfit it with 2 Level 3-4 Efficiency Gems.

This should cost another $150-200 or so.

So you’d be left with about $500.

I’d definitely go to at least 9 shoes. How you do that depends on what your overall strategy is going to be.

If you just get 8 Common batteries, you’re looking at about $240.

I would look at getting an Uncommon Luck Shoe. This is a shoe with 3-4 L sockets, and hopefully 1 E socket.

This would allow you to earn higher-level mystery boxes, and start earning some gems to improve and maintain your shoe.

Do not “splurge” on a trainer here. Luck is the only attribute that is NOT influenced by having a trainer.

Just get whatever “speed” of shoe you want to move with–walker is fine. Jogger is fine.

You can get this for ~$80. And it will give you an additional energy!

At higher levels, we agree that Luck / Mystery Boxes is kind of a “sucker’s game.”

When you’re starting out though, it can give you access to much-needed gems.

Assuming you use this as one of your batteries, you’re right around $780 now.

At this point, you have a couple of options:

-Buy 3 Level 3 Luck Gems. This would cost ~$225 and max you out.

You could start earning MB5s potentially depending on how much energy you have.

-Splurge for an Uncommon GMT Earner. This would be a shoe with 3 Comfort gem slots + 1 additional gem slot (ideally Luck).

While it’d be ideal if this is a trainer, don’t worry TOO much about that for the moment.

This is definitely a “nice to have, prep for the future” shoe.

That’s because for now, you’ll be using all of your energy earning GST (and occasionally a higher-level Mystery Box to get some gems).

GMT earners work best when you have extra energy to burn after earning all of the GST you can.

There is a daily “cap” on GST earning that is equal to 10x the highest level shoe in your inventory.

So if you have a level 30 shoe, then your cap is 300 GST / day.

This means that if you buy a lower-level shoe to be your earner, then leveling it up is going to be pretty important pretty quickly.

At any rate, this GMT earner you buy now is going to be useless until you do a few things:

-Unlock all gem sockets (if needed)

-Level it up to level 30 (you need to be at level 30 to GMT earn)

-Allocate most points to Comfort

-Get at least 3 level 3 Comfort Gems in it.

You need a minimum of 100 Comfort points to earn anything meaningful GMT-wise.

If you want to earn 1 GMT per minute, it’s more like 400 Comfort points.

Again, something to work toward.

For the first few months, it’s going to really be a battery more than anything else for you.

With 3 uncommon shoes, and 9 shoes total, you’d be at a total of 12 energy.

Not bad. From there, you can definitely make things happen.

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