How the Energy System Works In Stepn

Written by Joe Cadmus

In the web-3 move-to-earn game Stepn, energy impacts how long you can move-to-earn in a given day.

Each energy is equivalent to 5 minutes of movement.

You gain energy in one of two ways:

1) Increase the number of shoes you have, or

2) Increase the quality of shoes you have (Uncommon, Rare, etc.)

Here’s how that works:

Increasing the Number of Shoes You Have

The easiest way to increase the amount of energy you have is to buy more shoes.

The more shoes you earn, the more energy the game gives you.

Here is a handy chart:

Note that this is an all-or-nothing thing. You don’t get 3 energy for having 2 shoes, etc.

You must reach the threshold number of shoes to get the next energy bump.

This is why Stepn players refer to some shoes as “batteries.”

You might buy X number of shoes just to clear the next energy boost threshold, not really caring about the shoes’ attributes, and just getting them at floor price.

These shoes give additional energy, hence “batteries.”

Keep in mind that these energy levels apply to common shoes. If you have higher quality shoes (Uncommon, Rare, etc.) please see the next section.

Adding Shoes of Higher Quality

If you’re dealing with only Common shoes, you can get more energy by adding some Uncommons, Rares, etc. to the mix.

With each bump up in quality, you receive a higher energy bonus.

And this energy bonus adds up with the number of shoes you have bought of that quality level.

See this chart for more info:

So if you get 2 Uncommon shoes, you get 2 additional energy on top of the values in the first chart.

If you get 3 Rare shoes, you get 6 additional energy on top of the values in the first chart.

We’ve found that you can get a huge amount of energy at the moment simply by having 9 Uncommon shoes.

That will get you 18 energy for an investment of around $500 right now.

“Why Do I Have Less Energy Than I’m Supposed To?”

Usually this is because you have to restore your shoe.

Stepn has introduced an additional “Repair” action called “Restore” that impacts shoe function.

Basically when you get below 20 Restore “Hit Points,” your shoe no longer contributes energy to your account.

To get your shoe to be “active” again, you need to Restore it.

You get to restore by tapping the “Repair” menu, and then selecting the “Restore” icon.

From there, you can use Comfort gems and GST to add HP back to your shoe.

Pro Tip: Don’t bother using Level 1 Comfort gems to restore shoes. It gives you a very small percentage gain – like 1.8% recovery on an Uncommon. A level 2 Comfort gem gives you 23%. Pretty much my entire luck strategy now is get enough level 3-4 MBs to earn or craft level 2 Comfort gems–I call these “fuel rods.” With 70 Comfort, I need basically one per month to keep my shoe between 77% and 100% HPs.

“How Much Energy Do I Need in Stepn?”

It totally depends on how much time you think you can realistically dedicate to walking / jogging /running in a day.

We want to be active for at least one hour per day, so many of our moves are geared toward maximizing that time in terms of earnings.

I will say you can definitely set up a system where you cap out (hit the cap of 300 GST per day) in 8-9 energy.

This requires:

  1. An Uncommon Trainer with a high base E
  2. At least a level 5 E gem and level 4 E gem

The Trainer is an important part of this equation since your earning curve will be more like a runner than a walker.

If you have more time to dedicate, then you can make do with 2 4 E gems.

If you have less, you may need higher gems.

Basically, once we each had the Uncommon Trainer and high enough gems, we were “living the dream” of capping out every day while using the time we had.

Here’s one other thing to consider though:

If the game recovers, and asset prices go through the roof… don’t you want to have extra energy so that you can sell some assets?

That’s kind of the side of the fence we fell on.

After all, there’s no “energy police” that comes after you if you don’t use all of your energy every day.

Plus even after we cap out, there are days where we can burn more energy and earn GMT with our dedicated GMT earners.

So it’s nice to have a solid buffer.

We both have 20 energy now, with a nice buffer to sell some assets if and when the time comes to do so.

To recap:

  1. Get as much energy as you think you can realistically move every day, and then
  2. Get extra as responsibly as you can so that you have a buffer available.

“When Does Energy Refill In Stepn?”

Energy refills 4 times per day, and each fill happens at a different time depending on your time zone.

If you get a new high-quality shoe, you’ll see higher energy than normal starting with your next refill after the purchase.

Once per day, your GST earning cap resets during an energy refill.

A word of caution: if you’re earning GST “across” this cap reset refill, all GST you earn will be “pushed” to the new day.

It can be frustrating if you have 80 GST to cap out, and miss cutting off your walk or run by a minute or two, thus throwing that GST into the next day’s cap.

“What’s the MOST Energy I can Have in Stepn?”

The app limits you to 20 energy max, no matter how many shoes you have, or what quality of shoes you have.

That said, if you accumulate assets that would give you over 20 energy, you do have some room to sell assets in case the game recovers.

“I See People Posting About 25 Energy Walks / Runs Though?”

To do this, you need 20 energy, and to start at least 25 minutes (but less than 1 hour 40 minutes) before your next fill.

If you do so, you’ll fill with 5 energy again during your walk, giving you a total of 25 energy for that walk.

This is helpful to get higher level Mystery Boxes, as Mystery Boxes generally are on a pretty straightforward Luck x Energy calculation (with a little bit of randomness thrown in).

It’s not terribly helpful for pure GST / GMT earning since you’re essentially “borrowing” the extra 5 energy from yourself for the next day.

In other words, if you use 25 energy one day, the next day you’ll have max 15 energy.

Conclusion: Any “Advanced Energy Tips”?

So far energy on the Stepn app is pretty straightforward.

That could change at any time.

For now, the above should be enough to get you started.

Happy moving!

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